Ignorance of the law is never an excuse, especially since we live in a world where all the information is out there somewhere 🤓But there’s so much that it’s really hard to sort it out and figure out what applies to you…

As an entrepreneur, you need to cover the basics to get started and move fast – but you also need documents that can evolve as your company grows:

To spare you the Google-scrolling, we made this legal resource centre that gives you the basic templates to all the legal documents you need get started in 🇩🇪 – but soon no matter where you are in 🇪🇺

Search the database below, find what you need, read up & download the documents – then make them your own!

More countries and more documents are in the works, but do let us know if you can introduce us to a good lawyer in your home country 💌

Source : Thefamily.co